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tv   BBC World News  PBS  March 23, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from
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small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> airstrikes continue in libya. allied commanders said western forces now control the sky. colonel gaddafi's troops are on the offensive, shelling a rebel- held town. a bomb in jerusalem kills one and injures 30. palestinian militants are being blamed. portugal's prime minister resigns after his parliament rejects his austerity proposal. welcome to "bbc news". also -- >> you make me sound awful. >> farewell to one of the last icons of hollywood's golden era. elizabeth taylor has died at the age of 79.
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welcome once again. we have had reports of fresh explosions in tripoli. airstrikes by international forces continue for a fifth consecutive night. the officer leading the british air operation said colonel gaddafi is airforce no longer exists as a fighting unit and international forces now control the libyans five. a senior commander said forces loyal to khaddafi are violating the resolution 1973. air strikes have been targeting them. besieged by government tanks and artillery. we will report on efforts to find a consensus on the no-fly zone. now from the rebel-held
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stronghold of benghazi. >> their city was saved in an 11th hour intervention from the international community. the people came out to give collective thanks to britain, france, and america. the east is reveling in the warm glow of liberation. they know that many others are still battling under siege. this is where the -- what the rebels and civilians are facing. they seem to show his forces attacking from the desert. controlling the sky is not enough. they will need coalitions to bomb the site. the rebels are a poor match for government forces. if the composition can retake
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it, they will control the east. dozens of government troops have been detained by the rebels. they're being held in a prison in benghazi. some have been paraded in front of the cameras, and courage to say they will be well treated and they were forced to fight for colonel gaddafi. we met some wounded soldiers who say they were doing their duty. this man was shot six times. he is ready to face whatever judgment he is given even if that means death. we protect his identity. he did myths civilians have been killed. he says something strange has come to libya and forced both sides to reach a peaceful resolution. tonight, state television reports of fresh strikes by the coalition against the military when it claims a civilian target including the compound in
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tripoli. unless these attacks are capable of weakening government forces, it is difficult to see how the opposition based here can capitalize on it. >> tracer bullets lit up the tripoli skyline on wednesday night. fires of unseen targets. the libyan authorities say air strikes on residential area have taken many civilian lives. it has not been possible for the bbc independently to verify these claims. >> the air strikes -- [unintelligible] or the armored personnel. to start the national dialogue and get life back to normal, the air strikes will stop immediately. >> for their part, those leading the efforts to restrict pro-
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gaddafi forces have reiterated their message to the regime in tripoli. makemewe would encourage the the right decision. not only institute a real comprehensive cease-fire but also prepare for a transition that does not include colonel gaddafi. >> one key member of the un security council has voiced its disquiet over the tactics used by allied air crews. >> having in mind the protection of civilians, how can one use airstrikes that lead to more losses? we cannot help but be concerned. amongst those involved, concern remains over who is in control of the operation.
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france, britain, and the u.s. has taken the lead but there is yet to be agreement. a meeting for talks has been scheduled for the key international players in london next week. ministers will have hoped to -- hope to have resolved the issue by then. >> the news from reuters, residents of tripoli said loud explosions have been heard in the ieee area. it is the fifth night of air strikes against colonel gaddafi is forces. that has come from city residents speaking to the reuters news agency. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said israel will react aggressively and wisely after a first attack on a bus in jerusalem.
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one person was killed and 30 others injured after a blast of a crowded bus stop. there is much concern about another cycle of retaliation. >> chaos and confusion in central jerusalem this afternoon. traveling on a bus had been considered safe again. after the bombings of the early 2000's. people had almost forgotten what a bomb in the middle of this city sounds and looks like. this was the target, a bus full of commuters and shoppers. police are sure this was not a suicide bombing but they're looking for someone who left a device by the bus stop. it exploded and caused many injuries on the no. 74 bus that was passing. at least one person has been killed and jerusalem has seen nothing like this for many years.
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as forensic workers scour the curbside looking for evidence, angry onlookers gathered. delayingprime minister but not canceling the visit to moscow appeared to promise retaliation. >> certain elements are trying to break the calm. we have a will of iron and we will respond firmly and responsibly. >> the jerusalem bombing comes at a time of increased tension in israel and the occupied palestinian territories. in gaza, at eight people were buried. the latest victims of the violence there. the dead included two boys and their grandfather. while the world's attention to be focused elsewhere, it is the region's oldest and most intractable crisis is sliding
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toward renewed violence? >> a military judge has sentenced a u.s. soldier to 24 years to prison for his role that led to the murder of three unarmed civilians. he was one of five accused of the killings in kandahar province and a conspiracy to plant weapons on the dead to make it appear they were an enemy combatants. photographs were published of soldiers posing with a severed head. the prime minister jose socrates has resigned. the turmoil is bound to spark another round of speculation on whether a default on that debt could happen next. >> it was a step too far for portugals minority government. another said of sweeping
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austerity measures designed to reduce the public deficit drastically. and a final appeal from the finance minister. >> they cannot be just any measures. to overcome our problems, it demands a clear and ambitious objectives. we need to reduce the expenditures and reduce public debt. we need reform which will allow more accessibility and create a model which adapts to the global economy and which facilitate growth. deposition said no. the government was unseated. from the prime minister, a swift and angry response. he told the country he handed in his resignation. portugal is heading for early elections and immense pressure to accept a multi-billion euro
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bailout from eurozone funds. the interest rates portugal is being charged to borrow money on international markets are ruinously high. many people had already assumed the country would have to seek financial assistance. the prime minister said no, it would be a humiliation. this is a political battle he has lost and on the eve of a european summit which had been designed in part to help stabilize the single currency. >> agents prosecutor has a should a criminal trial against the former interior minister for the shooting of protesters during january's demonstrations. more than 350 people died in the protests. yemen's parliament has approved a request from the president to impose a 30 day state of emergency. security forces are given far
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reaching power to arrest and detain protesters. the opposition insists he must go immediately. this is "bbc news". more violence in syria. several people are killed in clashes across the country. britain's finance minister has to businesses. this was against a drop of disappointing growth and spending cuts in the pipeline. >> did you wonder if you would see this again? the price of petrol coming down. that was the budget a surprise. the chancellor is taxing oil companies more in order to tax the motorist last. using the huge squeeze on incomes and writing his own
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headlines in the process with a promise to put fuel into the tank of the british economy. >> i made sure there will be no fuel rises and i've canceled the fuel escalation and one final thing. as well as stopping the rises. i am cutting fuel duty by one penny per liter. this will take effect in petrol stations from 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> with no new money to spend to pay for a penny cut in fuel duty and a pledge not to increase it above inflation, he rated north sea oil companies by 2 billion pounds. if that was not quite exciting enough to capture attention, there was a package of measures designed to re awaken enterprise. >> from april this year, corporation tax will be reduced not just by 1% but by 2%. >> labour claimed they were
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giving with one hand and taking with another. >> he has walked up the 83 pence. families will not be fooled. >> this cost more than they cost of petrol. the test of the budget is whether it fuels growth. this is "bbc news". the headlines. the officer leading the british air operations says colonel gaddafi is airforce no longer exists as a fighting unit and international forces control the skies. benjamin netanyahu and it has said israel will act aggressively and wisely after the first attack on a bus in jerusalem for seven years. now to more protests. violence in syria.
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10 people have been killed after witnesses said police opened fire on people protesting at the deaths of anti-government demonstrators. zairian police stormed the city's mosque which had become a focal point. human rights groups say six people were killed in the raid. >> the police had fired on hundreds of protestors marching toward the city. the death toll was high according to eyewitnesses but it has been hard foto verify the number of casualties. people came to show their solidarity after a deadly attack in a mosque. we're here to check for ourselves what is happening. it has been difficult to move freely because of the heavy security presence. an eyewitness told us that there
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have been gunfire coming from that part of town where the old city location is. the mosque is being used to treat people hurt in days of clashes with the police. they want changes in the regime whose party has ruled syria for 40 years. in the early hours of wednesday, the security forces cut the supply to the mosque and attacked with tear gas and live ammunition, killing six people. the government says it was an armed gang responsible for killing protesters and syrian television showed their weapons. people were shot in the early hours of the day say it was the police. the government has [unintelligible] it is clear that the standoff
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between the syrian government and the anti-government protestors is not over yet. >> on the line now is a representative from the human rights watch. thank you for time. from what your organization knows, do you think the protesters would have been expecting such violent reaction from government forces? >> absolutely. the government's conduct is in keeping with its track record dating back not even as far as the violent and deftly atrocities -- deathly atrocities. the attacks on them show the government's willingness to
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used live ammunition against protesters. >> is his record any better than his father's? both have called -- been called autocratic and hardline. >> that is a fair and accurate description. bashar has tried to present himself as someone -- as a somewhat modern person. he rules the country by absolute control over all political institutions. the people of syria have no free speech, no right to assembly, no right to association, there are no independent non-governmental organizations and basically if you criticize the government, you go to jail. >> what are social conditions in syria like? >> they are mixed. it depends on your economic status. for syrians who are well-to-do
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and there has been an expansion of the tourist economy, the retail economy and some people have gotten more rich and you are doing pretty well. overall, the economy of syria is not in good shape. >> think you for your time. let's go to japan. residents have been warned not to give tap water to babies because radiation has contaminated their water supply. authorities said levels of radioactive iodine were twice the recommended level considered to be safe. she was born in london but her life was hollywood writ large. elizabeth taylor has died in los angeles at the age of 79. she made more than 50 films and won two oscars and married eight
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times. we look back on elizabeth taylor's remarkable life and career. >> honestly, you make me sound just awful. >> the actress elizabeth taylor, instantly recognizable, and unforgettable. glamorous, cameras, and very famous. she was more than a movie star. she was an icon, a hollywood legend. she was born in london to american parents. the family moved to beverly hills in 1939 when she was 7. it was her kind of town. she had a film contract by the time she was 10 and 12, she made a name in this film. too young to understand some things. >> she made an impression on an schilens bugela landsbury.
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became evident that this beautiful girl would become one of the most beautiful woman in the world. >> not before she overcame those tricky adolescent years. some started to doubt her talent until she starred alongside montgomery clift in "a place in the sun". her a better >> you had to feel it in your gut. you get a rush like being that person and being true to the person and what they would do. >> and there was her private life which was just as dramatic. she had been married three times and divorced twice and
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widowed by her mid-20's. meanwhile, her film career was flourishing. she received three oscar nominations before winning best actress award. >> thank you, with all my heart. >> for this performance in field 8". richard burton acted together in a series of films. >> i wear the pants in the house because someone has got to. there remained -- they married and divorced twice. they remained close until her death. she fought fear and prejudice
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towards aids. elizabeth taylor had her problems with ill health and addiction but her indomitable spirit and lust for life meant she could not be thwarted. as michael caine said, she was a great human being. >> her death is being mourned and perhaps nowhere more so is the outpouring > in los angeles. we have the part of the story. >> hollywood is honoring an icon the way it always mourns its own. with a wreath on the walk of fame. there is an added touch. >> we asked the florist to select flowers to commemorate the color of her eyes. we thought it was appropriate. >> she made an impression on many. >> i thought if i came here, i
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would say my goodbyes. i have always admired her. i am really hurting right now. >> she did contribute a lot to the aids foundation and who she was an actress and her essence is pretty amazing. it is sad. >> among the many public figures who paid tribute, elton john said, we just lost a hollywood giant and lost an incredible human being. bill and hillary clinton said she brought to life unforgettable characters on film with her tireless efforts to combat aids. another show business legend added, "is the end of an era -- an era."d of an ert is the endf
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social networking allowed her to keep in touch with her fans. she appeared at the funeral of michael jackson. she was a superstar who grew up in the public eye and remained there until death. i have not seen a reaction like this onbut this was anthe indication of the level of celebrity. she was the closest to royalty that hollywood has. >> a reminder of the news. there are reports of a fresh explosion in tripoli. i witnesses said that they could see smoke rising from an area where a military base is situated. it is now the fifth consecutive night of bombing by the coalition.
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